Integration of Jasmine Spec framework with Node.js
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This node.js module makes the wonderful Pivotal Lab's jasmine ( spec framework available in node.js.


Write the specifications for your code in *.js and *.coffee files in the spec/ directory (note: your specification files must end with either .spec.js or; otherwise jasmine-node won't find them!). You can use sub-directories to better organise your specs.

If you have installed the npm package, you can run it with:


If you aren't using npm, you should add pwd/lib to the $NODE_PATH environment variable, then run:

node lib/jasmine-node/cli.js

You can supply the following arguments:

  • --coffee, allow execution of .coffee specs
  • --color, indicates spec output should uses color to indicates passing (green) or failing (red) specs
  • --noColor, do not use color in the output
  • --verbose, verbose output as the specs are run
  • --junitreport, export tests results as junitreport xml format'

Checkout spec/SampleSpecs.js to see how to use it.