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#Thorny Engine

Thorny Engine is a HTML5 game engine that attempts to bring traditional game development technologies to the open web, such as astar/funnel pathfinding, an entity component system and a highly modifiable architecture. The engine that allows developers to write game logic once, and have it work in Node.js and a myriad of modern browsers.


  • Comprehensive unittests using the Jasmine BDD framework
  • A* Pathfinder - Used to navigate around a simple node list
  • Funnel Pathfinder - Used to find optimal paths through a polygone based level
  • Customisable Level Formats - Comes out of the box with a polygone based level system, but is easily extensable to support square and hexagon based grids
  • Supports modern browser and Node.js
  • Entity Component System - Helps to separate and modularise complex game logic, making the code easier to write, test and debug


###Entity Component System

/*global console Stats, window*/
require('./thorny/base')('./config/default.json', './demos/config.processing.json')(function ($) {
	var gameLoop = $('thorny core game-loop').factory();
		.addComponent('renderer', {
			system: 'processing',
			element: 'processing-canvas-1',
			width: 640,
			height: 480
		.addComponent('load-level', './content/levels/room1.json')
		.addComponent('load-level', './content/levels/room2.json')
	// Spawn a dozen moving balls
	(function () {
		var i, x, y;
		for (i = 0; i < 12; i += 1) {
			x = Math.random() * 400 + 50;
			y = Math.random() * 450;
				.addComponent('position', {
					position: {
						x: x, 
						y: y
					facing: {
						x: 1, 
						y: 0
				.addComponent('moveable', {
					speed: 5
				.addComponent('follow-path', {
					name: 'side-to-side',
					route: [
						{x: 500, y: 0},
						{x: 50, y: 400}
					type: 'cycle',
					active: true
	$.event().bind('world-loaded', function () {
		gameLoop.start(function () {
			// Process any object that needs to move.
				.each(function (moveable) {;

		}, function () {
			// Execute all of the renderer's
				.each(function (renderer) {;

##TODO Following is a list of technologies that I would like to support in time. Used to make the moving of entities less jittery when there is a ton of network latency. or To allow objects to bounce around a level with real physics. To allow chained narrative. Looks like it'll make syncing entities over the network really easy.


This is heavily work in process code, and as such is likely to change without warning.




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