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An input with data binding
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Demo and API docs


<iron-input> adds two-way binding and custom validators using Polymer.IronValidatorBehavior to <input>.

Two-way binding

By default you can only get notified of changes to an input's value due to user input:

<input value="{{myValue::input}}">

iron-input adds the bind-value property that mirrors the value property, and can be used for two-way data binding. bind-value will notify if it is changed either by user input or by script.

<input is="iron-input" bind-value="{{myValue}}">

Custom validators

You can use custom validators that implement Polymer.IronValidatorBehavior with <iron-input>.

<input is="iron-input" validator="my-custom-validator">

Stopping invalid input

It may be desirable to only allow users to enter certain characters. You can use the prevent-invalid-input and allowed-pattern attributes together to accomplish this. This feature is separate from validation, and allowed-pattern does not affect how the input is validated.

<!-- only allow characters that match [0-9] -->
<input is="iron-input" prevent-invalid-input allowed-pattern="[0-9]">
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