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Tagged Production Releases

BioStar 1.2.3 on Sept 5, 2012: added shortcut commands

BioStar 1.2.2 on Aug 24, 2012: changed database schema to support bookmark counts in search queries, enabled sticky posts

BioStar 1.1.0 on Aug 12, 2012: changed site layout, database schema supports post view counting

Biostar 1.0.0 on April 7, 2012: migrated from the StackExchange 1 datadumps into to the domain


BioStar uses the common versioning nomenclature that consists of three numbers called major.minor.revision

Versions will be presented as three numbers called major.minor.revision. Database dumps can only be loaded into the same major + minor version that they were created under.

The version number is located in the file main/server/ can be automatically extracted via the command:

python -c "import main.server; print main.server.VERSION"

Changes in either major or minor revisions will require a database migration. This can be accomplished by invoking:

python migrate main.server 

New installations of BioStar are automatically migrated to the latest version.

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