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Example Contacts app for SproutCore and FormView. Growing slowly. See demo :)
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(I add .app for no reason)

It is very work in progress; you can barely count it as functional!

For awhile, you had to actually download two components and start three servers manually. Now, as long as you have a few prerequisites, everything should work!

No-Back-End-Method (SproutCore as only prerequisite)

If you just run sc-server in the project directory, it should already work using fixtures.

Prerequisites (that I know of):

  • Python 2.6 (or 2.5 w/simplejson)
  • twisted (package for Python)
  • django
  • SproutCore (and all that entails)
  • Edited core.js to enable Django back-end.

To download: > git clone git:// contacts

To initialize all submodules and set up the sample database: > cd contacts > python setup

It will show everything it does.

Now, change apps/contacts/core.js to enable the back-end by uncommenting the line for the django back-end.

To run: > python start

And it should now be running! starts all three servers (sc-server, Dobby, and django).

sc-server will proxy both the Comet server and the Django server. You should be able to open up two browser windows to: http://localhost:4020/contacts

If you change something in one, the changes should automatically appear in the other. There are some issues with deleting contacts (refreshing fixes these).

Good luck. :)

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