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The Dataset for Hate Speech Detection in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

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The Dataset for Hate Speech Detection in Indonesian

Data Format

The dataset is a two columns data of: label - tweet.
The label is Non_HS or HS:

  • Non_HS for "non-hate-speech" tweet
  • HS for "hate-speech" tweet.

Dataset Size

It consists of 713 tweets in Indonesian

  • Number of Non_HS tweets: 453
  • Number of HS tweets: 260.
    Since this dataset is unbalanced, you might have to do over-sampling/down-sampling in order to create a balanced dataset.


Ika Alfina, Rio Mulia, Mohamad Ivan Fanany, and Yudo Ekanata, "Hate Speech Detection in Indonesian Language: A Dataset and Preliminary Study ", in Proceeding of 9th International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems 2017(ICACSIS 2017).


You can use this dataset for free. You don't need our permission to use it. Please cite our paper if your work uses our data in your publication. Please note that you are not allowed to create a copy of this dataset and share it publicly in your own repository without our permission.


ika.alfina [at]