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Sample application showing how with MongoDB from within Azure Functions
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A sample Azure Functions Visual Studio Solution. Allows to store a prioritized list of Books. Can be used as a reading list.

Included Projects

  • BookReadingRepository
  • BookReadingRepositoryIntegrationTest


  • POST :/api/bookreadings
  • GET :/api/bookreadings
  • DELETE :/api/bookreadings/


  • Checkout repository
  • Copy local.settings.json.example to local.settings.json and maybe adjust the env variable MONGO_DB_CONNECTION_STRING

Run locally

  • Using Visual Studio UI to start Functions from BookReadingRepository
  • Using Azure Functions Core Tools to start function. Therefore change to BookReadingRepository directory and simply run func start.

Run Integration Tests

  • Start Functions either through Visual Studio or from CLI.
  • Through Visual Studio, use the context menue of the BookReadingRepositoryIntegrationTest project to run test.
  • Hint: It is recommended to start the Functions using the CLI. Otherwise you will have to open 2 instances of Visual Studio. One to run the Functions, the other one to run the tests.
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