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A flutter based liquid swipe
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Logo Liquid Swipe

Pub Awesome Flutter

This repository contains the Liquid Swipe source code. Liquid swipe is the revealing clipper to bring off amazing liquid like swipe to stacked Container and inspired by Cuberto's liquid swipe and IntroViews.

Sample APK

Download sample apk as shown in example from releases.

Get it from Github Releases

Getting Started

  • Add this to your pubspec.yaml

    liquid_swipe: ^1.1.0
  • Get the package from Pub:

    flutter packages get
  • Import it in your file

    import 'package:liquid_swipe/liquid_swipe.dart';


  • Liquid Swipe just requires the list of containers. Just to provide flexibity to the developer to design its own view through it.
final pages = [
  • Now just pass these pages to LiquidSwipe widget.
 Widget build(BuildContext context) {
   return new MaterialApp(
     home: Builder(
         builder: (context) =>
                 pages: pages


Attribute Datatype Description Default Value Comments
pages List<Container> Set the Pages/ views/ Containers Null A Page can contain anything, look for an example
fullTransitionValue double Sets the scroll distance or sensitivity for a complete swipe. 400.0 This transition value can be used to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the swipe. 100.0 would make swipe really fast with even a bit of drag
initialPage int Set the initial Page 0 Should not be >= no.of pages or smaller than 0
enableSlideIcon bool Used to enable Slide icon to the right for where the wave would originate false Gives a ios style arrow to right side of the screen. Might include modification to it soon.


Author & support

This project is created by Sahdeep Singh but with lots of support and help. See the Credits.

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