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Cloud9 Editor in PHP - Based on Cloud9 IDE - Your code anywhere, anytime. Open Source Javascript/PHP Editor.
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Cloud9 PHP Code Editor

The Cloud9 PHP Code Editor is an open source project started by IAmACarpet, built out of the sources of Cloud9 IDE.

This is designed to bring the look and feel of the amazing Cloud9 IDE project, with all the ease and usability of a PHP application.

The goal is for anyone to be able to install it in about 20 mins and be able to have a fully featured multi-user / multi-project environement ready to use.


  • Multi-User Support
  • Projects with their own editor.
  • Tabbed editing
  • No background processes required, runs right from your web server via PHP.

Browser Support

Being based on the Cloud9 IDE sources, we currently support Firefox and Chrome as they do, although the development is currently all taking place in Firefox with the help of Firebug.


Please see the INSTALL file.


Documentation is in the making.

Future Plans

Want to take a look what we've got in the pipeline? Want to suggest something we do / add to the project? Take a look at our Wiki page here:

Open Source Projects Used

The Cloud9 PHP Editor couldn't be this cool if it weren't for the wildly productive community producing so much high quality software. Main projects that we use as building blocks:

Thanks to all developers and contributors of these projects!


The GPL version 3, read it at


Any help is always welcome, please contact sam [at] and we can discuss any help you would like to give.

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