RSS Feed Creator for with Local MySQL Cache for when the site goes down.
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eztv RSS Feed Generator

This script is designed to parse the eztv website and generate RSS feeds for automatic download via an RSS Downloader.


  • Drop in Place Install
  • MySQL Cache Backend


To install the script, create a new database and MySQL user.

Create a new database for that user and run the ezrss.sql script against it to create the table structure.

Edit and change to include your MySQL details.

Tip: For best performance make sure your webserver is configured to run this as FastCGI or performance will be horrible!


Visit the script in your browser and you will get a list of shows From there it will give you links to RSS feeds for individual shows.

If you visit with no options on the URL, you will get the first 5 pages of new releases as displayed on the eztv homepage.


You shouldn't need any - Good luck ;).

Open Source Projects Used

This code is based on the origional work from here:


The GPL version 3, read it at


Any help is always welcome, please contact sam [at] and we can discuss any help you would like to give.