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OAuth2 Token Source for DWD on App Engine Standard
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OAuth2 Token Source for DWD (Domain Wide Delegation) on Google App Engine Standard Environment

An example, using DWD & impersonation on the default App Engine Service Account:

package main

import (



type AuthCheckMiddleware struct {
    User         *user.User
    UserThumbURL string
    LogoutURL    string

func (c *AuthCheckMiddleware) ServeHTTP(rw http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, next http.HandlerFunc) {
    ctx := appengine.NewContext(r)

    if u := user.Current(ctx); u == nil {
        // If no user logged in, redirect to login.
        url, _ := user.LoginURL(ctx, r.URL.Path)
        http.Redirect(rw, r, url, 302)
    } else if ! c.isUserAllowed(ctx, u.Email) {
        log.Errorf(ctx, "Access Denied for email %s to %s", u.Email, r.URL.Path)

        // Example of rendering a 403 page.
        errorTemplate := template.Must(template.ParseFiles("views/403.html"))
        c.User = u
        c.UserThumbURL, _ = model.GetAnonymousUserThumbnail(ctx, u.Email)
        c.LogoutURL, _ = user.LogoutURL(ctx, r.URL.Path)

        errorTemplate.Execute(rw, c)


    next(rw, r)

func (c *AuthCheckMiddleware) isUserAllowed(ctx context.Context, email string) bool {
    return c.groupMembershipCheck(ctx, "", email)

func (c *AuthCheckMiddleware) groupMembershipCheck(ctx context.Context, group string, email string) bool {
    transport := &oauth2.Transport{
        Source: dwdtoken.AppEngineDWDTokenSource(ctx, "", admin.AdminDirectoryUserReadonlyScope, admin.AdminDirectoryGroupMemberReadonlyScope),
        Base:   &urlfetch.Transport{Context: ctx},
    client := &http.Client{Transport: transport}

    srv, err := admin.New(client)
    if err != nil {
        log.Errorf(ctx, "AuthCheckMiddleware.groupMembershipCheck: API Init: %s", err)
        return false

    result, err := srv.Members.HasMember(group, email).Do()
    if err != nil {
        log.Errorf(ctx, "AuthCheckMiddleware.groupMembershipCheck: API Membership Check (%s of %s): %s", email, group, err)
        return false

    return result.IsMember

To make this work, you need to edit the default service account and tick "Enable DWD", then follow this guide to add it to your G Suite domain.

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