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nttraffd Network Bandwidth Logger

nttraffd is a small, lightweight daemon designed to log how much traffic passes through each interface on a server and send this information back to a central server.


  • Data Transfer Bandwith Logging
  • Central Server to Store Data
  • Pretty graphs


To build this package on Ubuntu 10.04, you will need:

apt-get install build-essential libcurl-dev

And the build command to be run inside the src directory is:

make && make install

The config file then needs to be created and edited here:


And finally, run it with:


Starting on boot

To start this on boot, please use the demo init.d script in the etc/init.d folder and copy it to your /etc/init.d folder.

cp etc/init.d/nttraffd /etc/init.d/

Then activate it for on boot with:

update-rc.d nttraffd defaults

And you should be sorted.

Documentation & Usage

Please see the docs folder for more details.

Open Source Projects Used

This was origionally based on the code from the DD-WRT project along with some other libs.


The GPL version 3, read it at


Any help is always welcome, please contact sam [at] and we can discuss any help you would like to give.