High performance mobile micro-IoC container.
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IfInjector v0.8.1

This project is a fork of the https://ffastinjector.codeplex.com/ library by David Walker (https://plus.google.com/109602553530284384616/).

The goal of the project is to provide a featureful high performance micro-IoC container suitable for use in mobile environments. The key distinguishing feature in relation to other Micro containers is support for annotation based configuration.

Key Features

  • Auto-Wiring
  • Configuration through code
  • Configuration through attributes
  • Fast (top performer on IoC Container Shootout)
  • Small



Example Usage and Quickstart

Obtaining The Injector

Either clone this repository or grab the binaries from nuget (https://www.nuget.org/packages/IfInjector).

Example Usage

// =================================
// Setup
// =================================
using IfInjector;

interface IMyType { }

class MyType : IMyType {}

// =================================
// Usage
// =================================
var injector = new Injector();

IMyType obj = injector.Resolve<IMyType>();


This source is under the BSD license (http://ffastinjector.codeplex.com/license).