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πŸ’€ A Persian library for generate fake items
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Josh faker component

A persian faker library for php


  • php 5.6 >=

Install with composer

You can install this package throw the Composer by running:

composer require josh/faker


You can access to faker objects by according blew following table:

// use the faker namespace

use Josh\Faker\Faker;
Objects Descriptions
Faker::firstname() Return random firstname
Faker::lastname() Return random lastname
Faker::fulltname() Return random fullname
Faker::company() Return random company name
Faker::mobile() Return random mobile number
Faker::telephone() Return random telephone number
Faker::email() Return random email address
Faker::domain() Return random domain
Faker::website() Return random website address
Faker::pageUrl() Return random pageUrl
Faker::age($min,$max) Return random age arguments*("Min" , "Max")
Faker::address() Return random postal address
Faker::city() Return random city name
Faker::meliCode() Return random meli code


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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