Sitecore module that allows Content Author's to author inbound and outbound url redirects and rewrites.
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Url Rewrite

While there are many Redirect / Rewrite modules available in the Sitecore Marketplace, I created this one to address the fact that most of them cannot create redirects that are Site specific.

In addition to adding Site specific redirect capabilities, I have modeled the data structure to closely match the functionality of Microsoft's IIS Url Rewrite plugin.

*** This module is not supported if you are using xDB Cloud Edition *** Sitecore Support: "Creation of custom segments is not supported by the Experience Analytics in the xDB Cloud service. This should be fixed in a future service update."


Varsion 1.8.2 -

  • Added support for Sitecore 8.2

Varsion -

  • Added support for Sitecore 8.1 Update 2 & Update 3
  • Fixed sort order thanks to Dan Sinclair
  • Fixed RulesEngine.GetRedirectFolderItems so that it only returns Redirect Folder templates

Version 1.8 -

  • Added reporting via analytics
  • added Url Rewrite to Experience Analytics Dashboard
  • Added prefetching of UrlRewriter item
  • Moved all templates from User Defined folder to System Modules
  • Removed unused references
  • Fixed logic for allowing multiple rules to be processed during a request when a Redirect field "Stop Processing of Subsequent Rules" is set to false
  • Package now installs to master and web

Version 1.7.2 -

  • Fixed potential for a redirect loop if you have a database problem, you are using the html extension on the handler, and you have a custom error page that is pointing to an html page
  • Changed initialization of rules into an initialization pipeline
  • Removed reporting
  • Changed error handling of 404's on a static file redirect
  • Fixed rebuilding of cache on save, publish or delete - no longer need to restart IIS to refresh the rules.
  • Added missing update to Default.aspx for UrlRewrite tester

Version 1.7.1 -

  • Fixed missing reporting item in the web database that prevented publishing from working after installing the module.

Version 1.7 -

  • Added outbound rules
  • Added ability to set response headers
  • Added inbound rule rewrite action
  • General cleanup
  • Added Sample Rewrites
  • Added hit count tracking

Version 1.6 -

  • Added information about conditions to the Url Rewrite application in the Sitecore Admin UI
  • Fixed UrlRewriteHandler displaying blank page if the StaticMapHandler didn't find the file. Allowed exceptions to be bubbled up.
  • Added a new type of rediret action - Item Query Redirect which allows you to use a Sitecore Query to find an item. Ability to utilize back references from conditions.

Version 1.5

  • Added support for Custom Response
  • Added support for Abort
  • Added Bootstrap UI for testing the redirects and visually seeing how the rules are processed.
  • Fixed UrlRewriteHandler so that it calls the StaticFileHandler if it no rules are matched.
  • Added drop down list so you can select your site instead of having to type a regular expression to match the site on. NOTE *** All Redirect Folder's are currently reset so you have to reset the Site Name Restriction field.
  • Added the ability to have sub folders in a top level Redirect Folder
  • removed the top level Redirect Folder from the package so that rules don't get overwritten when you reinstall the package
  • Updated how back references work for Rules and Conditions
  • Fixed security on Redirect Workflow

Version 1.1

  • Major refactor to support instantiation of the UrlRewriter without needing HttpContext or a web site.
  • Supports Unit Tests.

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release