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{"name":"Pestilence","tagline":"A JavaScript Library to ruin someone’s day","body":"## Installation\r\nSimply drop the minified file into your site:\r\n\r\n```html\r\n<script src=\"pestilence.min.js\"></script>\r\n```\r\n\r\nNo fancy DOM-ready methods here—the file blindly assumes that you can load a website within eight seconds. If you’re really concerned about that, strip out the `setTimeout` at the bottom of the all and call `Pestilence.initialize()` when you’re good and ready!\r\n\r\n## Features\r\n\r\n### AudioPest\r\n\r\nPlays a high-pitched noise a random intervals.\r\n\r\n### Mouse Pest\r\n\r\nReplaces the user’s cursor with a duplicate that is offset approximately 50px down and to the right.\r\n\r\n### Keyboard Pest\r\n\r\nRandomly moves the caret as the user types within input fields.\r\n\r\n### Accessibility Pest\r\n\r\nHides all headers and paragraph elements from screen readers and gives random tab indices to anchor elements.","google":"","note":"Don't delete this file! It's used internally to help with page regeneration."}
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