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GuildInfo - Simple WoW guild site

A little web app I wrote to track some info about my guild - photos, stat, quests and achievements.


  • Copy the files inside www/ to your web server.
  • Create a folder called images - put photos for your gallery in here.
  • Create a folder called thumbs and make sure Apache can write to it.
  • Copy include/config.php.example to include/config.php and modify the settings inside.
  • Import schema.sql into MySQL.
  • Set up the various scripts in cron/ to be run regularly:
    • fetch.php and achievements_firsts.php (run in that order) deal with achievements.
    • quest_cats.php and quests.php deal with quests.
    • stats.php shoudl deal with stats, but is currently broken.

Bugs and TODOs

This is only half-working. It was originally built on the first armory 'API' (the XSLT-in-browser version).

  • The new battlenet API does not include stats (thanks Blizzard!), so that's broken.
  • Achievements don't have icons (thanks again!) and show non-faction ones ( get the idea).
  • Quests rely on scraping JS from wowhead, which will almost certainly break soon (should be updated to use Wowhead-API).
  • It really needs some links to wowhead (quests, achievements), with nice tooltips.
  • The photos gallery should be made optional.
  • If should include a roster, with history and recent changes.
  • Adding a better front page with summarized recent changes of some kind. Maybe the guild feed?