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Store JS/CSS in compressed PNGs
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perl_images even more images
perl_images_optipng even more images
perl_images_pngcrush even more images
perl_images_pngout even more images
phpgd_filtered_images the final dumb rename
phpgd_filtered_smushed_images the final dumb rename
phpgd_images renamed php test images to something more sensible
phpgd_smushed_images renamed php test images to something more sensible
README added a readme, pointing to the article
analyse.php simple script to count the characters in a file
bake.php renamed php test images to something more sensible start generating seq8 images too
chars.txt some more test chars from jquery
imagemagick_png_output.txt added PNGOUT note
jquery-1.4.2.min.js bake multiple files, including current jquery as a good example
lipsum.txt some test text for quick testing. will use some big JS for real once …
md5.js javascript to unpack and verify data from PNGs. using md5 sums to che… delete all the old optimized files first, so we can generated partial… working on type 3 images. wrote a little perl script to get size/dept… helpers to run the three optimizers on the perl images
results.htm final results (for now!) final results (for now!) more general progress. have updated my ImageMagick to see if i can st…
unpack.htm test everything!



Some tools for creating and using PNGs to store compressed JavaScript & CSS.

You should really read this first:
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