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from trac.core import *
from trac.web.api import IAuthenticator, IRequestFilter
from import INavigationContributor
from trac.util import escape, hex_entropy, TracError, Markup
class GodAuthLoginModule(Component):
implements(IAuthenticator, INavigationContributor, IRequestFilter)
# IAuthenticator methods
def authenticate(self, req):
authname = None
user = req.get_header("godauth-user")
if user is not None:
authname = user
if not authname:
return None
if self.config.getbool('trac', 'ignore_auth_case'):
authname = authname.lower()
return authname
# INavigationContributor methods
def get_active_navigation_item(self, req):
return 'login'
def get_navigation_items(self, req):
if req.authname and req.authname != 'anonymous':
yield 'metanav', 'login', Markup('<span class="tinylogin">Hello %s</span>' % req.authname)
yield 'metanav', 'login', Markup('<span class="tinylogin">Not logged in</span>')
# IRequestFilter methods
def pre_process_request(self, req, handler):
return handler
def post_process_request(self, req, template, data, content_type):
new_list = []
for v in['nav']['metanav']:
use = True
if v['name'] == 'help':
use = False
if v['name'] == 'about':
use = False
if not req.authname or req.authname == 'anonymous':
if v['name'] == 'settings':
use = False
if use:
new_list.append(v)['nav']['metanav'] = new_list
return template, data, content_type
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