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A PHP Emoji conversion library
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php-emoji - Process Emoji in PHP and display them as HTML

This is a PHP library for dealing with mobile device Emoji.

You can read more about it and see a demo here:

It is based on a Ruby library here:

And data from Unicode here:

Important note: As of iOS 6, the iPhone uses unified codepoints. You no longer need to do any conversion at input/output time, unless you want to convert it to HTML for viewing on PCs, Android phones, older Macs, etc.



    # when you recieve text from a mobile device, convert it
    # to the unified format.

    $data = emoji_docomo_to_unified($data);   # DoCoMo devices
    $data = emoji_kddi_to_unified($data);     # KDDI & Au devices
    $data = emoji_softbank_to_unified($data); # Softbank & pre-iOS6 Apple devices
    $data = emoji_google_to_unified($data);   # Google Android devices

    # when sending data back to mobile devices, you can
    # convert back to their native format.

    $data = emoji_unified_docomo($data);   # DoCoMo devices
    $data = emoji_unified_kddi($data);     # KDDI & Au devices
    $data = emoji_unified_softbank($data); # Softbank & pre-iOS6 Apple devices
    $data = emoji_unified_google($data);   # Google Android devices

    # when displaying data to anyone else, you can use HTML
    # to format the emoji.

    $data = emoji_unified_to_html($data);

    # if you want to use an editor(i.e:wysiwyg) to create the content, 
    # you can use html_to_unified to store the unified value.

    $data = emoji_html_to_unified(emoji_unified_to_html($data));

When using the HTML format, you'll also need to include the emoji.css file, which points to the emoji.png image. These images come from the gemoji project and cover all current codepoints, except U+1F320, Shooting Star.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This library currently only deals with UTF-8. If your source data is JIS or Shift-JIS, you're out of luck for the moment.


By Cal Henderson

Parser rewrite based on a fork by 杜志刚

This work is dual-licensed under the GPL v3 and the MIT license.

Image copyrights:

Version 1 released on 2009-10-20

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