View WoW maps without the WoW client
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WoW Map Viewer

The main repository can be found here. However, this one actually builds correctly in Visual Studio 2010.

The build WoWMapViewer you must first build stormlib (included in src/stormlib). Take a look here to see how.

Building on Windows with Visual Studio

  • Copy StormLibDAS.lib (which you built earlier) into vc2008/ or vc2010/
  • Build the solution in that folder
  • You may need to change the debugging command line options to point to your own game data directory

Building on Windows with dev-c++

  • Open in dev-c++ and compile normaly
  • Copy StormLib.dll to bin/
  • Run WowMapViewer.exe in bin/

Building on Linux

  • Compile wowmapviewer in src/ with a plain old make
  • Run ./wowmapview -gamepath ...../Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcraft/Data/ in bin/