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Stuff to do in Austin

A repository of fun things to do in Austin. Viewable at a URL that has yet to be determined.


This is a repository of places, activities, and restaurants that are fun to do in Austin. Meant to be a useful thing for the conferences that happen in Austin to use/share/update as needed.

Taco / BBQ Bias

Warning: There is a large bias towards tacos and BBQ here. We give no apologies for our love of tacos and BBQ.


There are two large ways that can contribute to this repository: content and code. We will start with content, as it will not require a full development environment to be setup— in fact you can add files right here on GitHub if you desire.

Contribute content

There are three current collections of items that can be added to the site. Restaurants, activities, and places can be found in the three folders _restaurants, _activities, and _places, respectively. For each one, to add a new entry— you just need to add a file that ends with .md (stands for markdown). For example, if you would like to add in Zilker Park, within the _places directory, add a file named In each folder, there is also a file called _template, which has the proper meta-data at the front. Copy/paste that file into your new file, fill in the right information, and voilà! A new entry has been added.

Contribute code

TODO: Write a TODO.


The code within this repository is under the MIT License, while the content (e.g. blog posts) is under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).


A site of things to do in Austin, for conference attendees.




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