Real-time markdown preview plugin for vim
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Using the markdown-preview.vim plugin you can preview markdown on real-time through a browser

this plugin needs your vim to support py2/py3 features
tested on windows/ubuntu14/Mac OS X


markdown preview


Typeset math



with vim-plug:

add Plug 'iamcco/markdown-preview.vim' to the vimrc or init.vim file and type :PlugInstall

or with MathJax support for typesetting math:

Plug 'iamcco/mathjax-support-for-mkdp'
Plug 'iamcco/markdown-preview.vim'



    " open preview window in markdown buffer

    " close the preview window and server

when MarkdownPreview command can't open preview window, you can use the MarkdownPreviewStop command before using MarkdownPreview command

Default Setting:

    let g:mkdp_path_to_chrome = ""
    " path to the chrome or the command to open chrome(or other modern browsers)
    " if set, g:mkdp_browserfunc would be ignored

    let g:mkdp_browserfunc = 'MKDP_browserfunc_default'
    " callback vim function to open browser, the only param is the url to open

    let g:mkdp_auto_start = 0
    " set to 1, the vim will open the preview window once enter the markdown
    " buffer

    let g:mkdp_auto_open = 0
    " set to 1, the vim will auto open preview window when you edit the
    " markdown file

    let g:mkdp_auto_close = 1
    " set to 1, the vim will auto close current preview window when change
    " from markdown buffer to another buffer

    let g:mkdp_refresh_slow = 0
    " set to 1, the vim will just refresh markdown when save the buffer or
    " leave from insert mode, default 0 is auto refresh markdown as you edit or
    " move the cursor

    let g:mkdp_command_for_global = 0
    " set to 1, the MarkdownPreview command can be use for all files,
    " by default it just can be use in markdown file

    let g:mkdp_open_to_the_world = 0
    " set to 1, preview server available to others in your network
    " by default, the server only listens on localhost (

Key Mapping:

By default this Plugin has no mapping, if you want to has your own mapping you can map the keys to <Plug>MarkdownPreview for opening markdown preview window and map keys to <Plug>StopMarkdownPreview for closing the preview window

Examples for mapping the F8 key to open markdown preview window and F9 key to close preview window:

nmap <silent> <F8> <Plug>MarkdownPreview        " for normal mode
imap <silent> <F8> <Plug>MarkdownPreview        " for insert mode
nmap <silent> <F9> <Plug>StopMarkdownPreview    " for normal mode
imap <silent> <F9> <Plug>StopMarkdownPreview    " for insert mode

For OS X users you can set the g:mkdp_path_to_chrome as below (if you use chrome):

let g:mkdp_path_to_chrome = "open -a Google\\ Chrome"
" or
let g:mkdp_path_to_chrome = "/Applications/Google\\\\ Chrome"

see issue#1 for detail


Q: the firefox preview window didn't close when leave the markdown file in vim

A: if you want the plugin auto close the preview window on firefox, you have to do some config:

  1. open firefox
  2. type about:config in the address bar and press Enter key
  3. search dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows item and set the value to true

you have to know what will happend when you do the config above


  • 2017/07/16: add g:mkdp_open_to_the_world option
  • 2016/11/19: MathJax support with mathjax-support-for-mkdp plugin
  • 2016/08/28: set the title of preview page with file name
  • 2016/05/18: support key mapping and new g:mkdp_command_for_global option item
  • 2016/03/12: new Github like markdown styles markdown.css and support task list
  • 2016/01/24: support display the local picture in markdown

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