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I'm releasing my dearest framework, PSFoundation, as a christmas gift. It's more or less a second Foundation, with great tools aiding development of iOS apps. This framework is fast-moving, so expect some stuff to break. Best thing: it's AppStore-safe, no private API in there. All my own apps use this framework, so it's proved.

Okay, what's in the box?

  • Categories that extend most Foundation and UIKit classes, with function you always wished you had, really.
  • Helper for automatic archiving/unarchiving (TPAutoArchiver)
  • HUD classes (MBProgressHUD, DSActivityView, AtomHUD)
  • Invocation Helper (DDInvocationGrabber, NSInvocation+blocks)
  • Keychain Helper (SFHFKeychainUtils)
  • Logger (a fork of cocoa-lumberjack + NSLogger-Integration, HOLog, Log (for easy printing))
  • SynthesizeSingleton-Macro
  • IKNetworkActivityManager
  • Apple Reachability 2.2
  • Apple SoundEffect 1.7
  • GradientButtons
  • Block-Based AlertView, ActionSheet
  • A StatusBar-Saver
  • XPathQuery-Tools
  • Color-Macros & Utilities (like HexToFloats, RGBColor(), HEXCOLOR()...)
  • MAZeroWeakReferences for safe delegates
  • EGOCache & EGOImageLoader (for dead easy html image loading)
  • Appirater (for more AppStore ratings)
  • PSCompatibility (fast macros for IOS4/3.2/3.1)
  • MCRelease, MCReleaseNil, custom assert macros, IsEmpty...


  • PSTableViewController (like UITableViewController, just with subview support)
  • PSGenericView/PSGenericView - for super fast drawRect-cells
  • GradientView / ShadowedTableView / UACellBackgroundView - more visual awesomeness!

Core Data:

License is mostly MIT, BSD, Apache; see source for details.