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What is Iceball?

Iceball is a highly-extensible engine on top of which people can do anything they want. It is also the base game that you all know, which is similar to Ace of Spades. However, we're not aiming at anything in particular with the base game. It has mod support built in, and we're working hard to make sure it's easy to add content to it. For example, the SMG and Shotgun are both mods.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they would like from an AoS-inspired game, so we're giving server owners the power to decide what they want. Isn't choice a great thing? :D

Iceball is all about modding, so even if we don't think a particular feature is a high priority, or we don't think something should be in the base game, there's no reason you can't write it and play it on your own server or share it with others.

Where can i get it?

To play Iceball you can either grab the source code from the git repository and build it yourself, following instructions at the wiki. Alternatively, you can grab a pre-built version of the latest version from the links below (As of now only windows has a pre-built version available).

:arrow_down: Windows

:arrow_down: OS X – Coming soon!