Simple benchmark for Erlang messaging.
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This program is a simple messaging benchmark for Erlang, written in Elixir. For each node in the Erlang cluster, the program spawns a number of processes that just do RPCs in a loop. The number of RPCs are recorded and tracked by a global stats server which outputs total message counts every second.


With Elixir installed, the dependencies can be pulled down and built with Mix:

% export CFLAGS="-I/path/to/ofed/include"
% export LDFLAGS="-L/path/to/ofed/lib"
% mix deps.get

Then the program itself can be built:

% mix compile


The program is built on the assumption of running on UMD clusters. The scripts rdma_bench and rdma_bench.pbs should give you a good idea of how to run it manually though. If all goes well, the program will output information in the form of:

=INFO REPORT==== 6-Jan-2014::11:44:06 ===
In the last second...
   we exchanged 360690 messages between 4 nodes.
That is 90172 messages per second per node...
   and 11 microseconds per message.