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Implements the Twitter API in Lasso via SuperTweet
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Implements the Twitter API in Lasso via SuperTweet

Author: Jonathan Guthrie
Last Modified: July 12, 2013
License: Public Domain

Lasso 9 rewrite by Jonathan Guthrie, LassoSoft July 12, 2013 Based off of previous work by Jason Huck


Note that this is a rewrite of Jason Huck's original SuperTweet Twitter type
Updating to native Lasso 9 syntax and methodology

A few method names were changed slightly to avoid duplicate member tag names.
For example, there are several "show" methods, which were renamed to be more specific,
such as ->show_user and ->show_status. A couple methods required special formatting for dates,
so a date_toHTTP method was introduced. This and the truncate methods may later be abstracted to traits.

Sample Usage

// create a new instance of the twitter type
local(t = twitter(

// get the first item from the public timeline

// get a slice of your friends timeline
#t->friends_timeline( -since=date->subtract( -hour=2)&)

// get 4 items from the user timeline
#t->user_timeline( -count=4)

// show a specific status message

// update your twitter status
#t->update('This Tweet Powered By Lasso.')

// get all replies

// get a list of your friends

// get a list of your followers (the -lite option does not appear to work)
#t->followers( -lite=true)

// view all of your direct messages

// view all of your sent direct messages

// send a new direct message to a specific user
#t->new( -user='xxxxxxxxx', -text='Sent from Lasso. Let me know if you get this.')


A million thanks to Jason Huck for his pre-Lasso 9 work on this.
Also, thanks to Lieven Gekiere, Brian Loomis, and Rich Fortnum for contributions.
Rewritten for Lasso 9 by Jonathan Guthrie, LassoSoft

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