Lasso 9 API for Yahoo! Stock Quote
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Lasso 9 API for Yahoo! Stock Quote

Adapted from Jason Huck's Lasso 8 tag, updtaed and extended with subtype return.

Retrieves delayed stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance, rewritten as a type with the following member tags:

->add - Accepts a comma-delimited list of ticker symbols to retrieve.

->(ticker symbol) - Returns the data for the specified symbol.

The ticker symbol returns a sub-type that contains the following data members:

org - The organization reference (i.e. AAPL)

price - the price at time of last update

lastupdate - the last updated time

change - the change string in standard format

Sample Usage

sys_listTypes !>> 'yahoo_stockquote' ? include('yahoo_stockquote.lasso')

if(web_request->params->asStaticArray >> 'symbol') => {^ 
	local(myquotes = yahoo_stockquote(web_request->param('symbol')->asString))
	local(myquotes = yahoo_stockquote)
'<br>AAPL price: '+#myquotes->AAPL->price
'<br>AAPL last update: '+#myquotes->AAPL->lastupdate
'<br>AAPL change: '+#myquotes->AAPL->change

'<br>AAPL price: '+#myquotes->GOOG->price
'<br>AAPL last update: '+#myquotes->GOOG->lastupdate
'<br>AAPL change: '+#myquotes->GOOG->change