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QuickSearch is a search plugin for KeePass Password Safe v2 . It can be used as a replacement for the built-in QuickFind toolbar control.


To start developing the pluging, you should place KeePass sources at directory at one level with project. For instance, you have following structure p:\projects\QuickSearch, KeePass must be placed in projects folder.


Place QuickSearch.plgx in your KeePass Plugins folder.


Delete QuickSearch.plgx from your KeePass Plugins folder.

##Changelog v2.27 - v2.28 Added automatic check for updates

v2.26 CTRL+SHIFT+F - activate search textbox Knownig issue - doesn't work at linux

v2.17 updated: changed code to support KeePass 2.17

v2.13 b0.0.0.2 fixed: QuickSearch.config will now be saved in application directory if PreferUserConfiguration==false. added: different mouse cursor for ColorSelectButton


  • Settings system changed: QuickSearch.config is no longer used and settings are now stored in the KeePass config file
  • Changed redistributable to plgx instead of dll
  • Compatible with KeePass 2.28 (and probably earlier versions, but untested)