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original version:

QuickSearch is a search plugin for KeePass Password Safe v2 . It can be used as a replacement for the built-in QuickFind toolbar control.


To start developing the pluging, you should place KeePass sources at directory at one level with project. For instance, you have following structure p:\projects\QuickSearch, KeePass must be placed in projects folder.

For KeePass source you can use this github mirror dlech/KeePass2.x Before starting debugging you have to enable dll signing for KeePass, otherwise you will get some errors.


Place QuickSearch.plgx in your KeePass Plugins folder.


Delete QuickSearch.plgx from your KeePass Plugins folder.


v2.29 Fix compatibility issue

v2.27 - v2.28 Added automatic check for updates

v2.26 CTRL+SHIFT+F - activate search textbox Knownig issue - doesn't work at linux

v2.17 updated: changed code to support KeePass 2.17

v2.13 b0.0.0.2 fixed: QuickSearch.config will now be saved in application directory if PreferUserConfiguration==false. added: different mouse cursor for ColorSelectButton


  • Settings system changed: QuickSearch.config is no longer used and settings are now stored in the KeePass config file
  • Changed redistributable to plgx instead of dll
  • Compatible with KeePass 2.28 (and probably earlier versions, but untested)
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