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The coral empathy device is a wearable piece of technology that aims to create emapthy between humans and the marine environment by translating the experience of a coral under the influence of anthropogenic sounds and chemical stimulae, into something similarly meaningful for a human in their own environment.

Previous work on the prototyping can be found here

A video of the prototype can be found here

The current version of the device was made in Shanghai NYU PCI during a residency in collaboration with Shanghai NYU Gallery. The device turns a thin metal globe (possibly aluminium) into a speaker by using copper coils and magnets, a process developed in collaboration with Kasia Justka at MonoShop Berlin

The bottom of the globe was cut off and the viewer puts their head inside to experience the device. After much troubleshooting, this is working along with a motor running off the same mp3 that moves fabric within the globe.