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# Trakt Scrobbler
Simple python project to automatically scrobble media information to []( Fully pluggable, which enables taking data from multiple players.
A scrobbler for your computer.

## What is Trakt?
Automatically scrobble TV show episodes and movies you are watching to [](! It keeps a history of everything you've watched!

## What is trakt-scrobbler? has a lot of [plugins]( to automatically scrobble the movies and episodes you watch from your media center. But there is a dearth of up-to-date apps for syncing your progress on Desktop environments. This is where `trakt-scrobbler` comes in! Built using Python, it supports all major OS platforms (Linux, Mac and Windows), as well as all major media players.

## Features
+ Uses [guessit]( to extract media information from its file path. For cases when it misidentifies the files, you can specify a regex to manually extract the necessary details.

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