Git hooks that can be useful for GNUstep Web projects.
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A collection of git hooks that might be useful for GNUstepWeb hackers.


Builds the app, and runs the tests (via make check). If any of that fails, it aborts the commit. GNUstep-make provides a default do-nothing implementation of make check so this is safe to have in your hooks even if you don't have any tests yet. Well, to the extent that THAT is safe.


Kills any running instance of the app and (builds and) runs a new instance. This is for developer systems to have the current running version on; I'd imagine you would want to be less ham-fisted on a production server (and you'd want to use a post-update hook).


The post-update hook requires a little setup to use. We're going to have two systems: server and client. There will be three repos (not counting any offsite things you have like remotes on GitHub or BitBucket):

  1. The server's main repository: server:/path/webapp.git
  2. The server's deployment repository: server:/path/deploy
  3. Your development repository: client:/home/developer/webapp

To set up, do the following things on server (in addition to setting up the necessary users, SSH daemon, GSW itself etc):

$ cd /path
$ mkdir webapp.git
$ cd webapp.git
$ git init --bare
$ git pull some-repo master
$ [deploy post-update from here to hooks/post-update]
$ cd ..
$ git clone webapp.git deploy

Now on the client you can do:

$ [check out the source to ~/webapp]
$ git remote add server user@server:/path/webapp.git
$ [edit test edit test edit test]
$ git push -u server master

The act of pushing will build the app on the server, bring it down and launch the new version. You did run the tests in your pre-commit hook, right?


Currently post-update doesn't integrate with any GNUstep configuration, for example the server adapter. Therefore if you require multiple instances of the same app, you shouldn't use this script as it will kill all the instances then just start one.

It's perhaps a little unkind just to kill a server and restart it, a more friendly handover mechanism would be useful.

Pull requests to fix either of these are welcome.