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App Makers' Privacy Pledge

We, the app makers who have signed our names to this pledge, value a long term relationship with customers who trust us over selling those same customers out to other companies for short term gains. We know the work that goes into making a magical experience in our apps, and we refuse to ruin our work and our customers' experience by causing people to worry over what is happening to their data. We value a world where our customers are in control of what they put into - and get out of - our apps, and trust us to enable and support that control. Therefore we resolve:

  • To be clear about what information our apps need to provide the features we offer.
  • To only collect information required to implement our apps' features.
  • To allow our customers to opt in to only those features they are comfortable with; never to enable features that enable information-sharing without explicit agreement.
  • To allow our customers to review the information we have collected about them, and to delete information about a customer when that person requests it.
  • To present in clear language our relationships with other businesses, and the information we share as part of that relationship.

In short, our apps - not our customers - are our products.

Signing The Pledge

To Sign the App Makers Privacy Pledge fork this repo and add the following line to index.html:

  <li>Your Name (<a href="">@your_twitter</a>)</li>

Commit and open a pull request. Once you've forked the file, you don't need to download it to your computer. You can edit the file directly from the browser, commit it and raise a pull request.