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Console is simple Python framework for real-time web plotting. The plots are served using Tornado, ZeroMQ, and WebSockets. Rendering is done with d3.js. Here's an example:

from iconsole import IConsole
ic = IConsole()
fig1 = ic.create_plot().title('Random Walk 1').data(np.cumsum(np.random.randn(1024)))
fig2 = ic.create_plot().title('Random Walk 2').data(np.cumsum(np.random.randn(1024)))

Run this and head to http://localhost:8080 to see the results, which should look roughly like this

Currently there is support for xrange and yrange as well. All figure operations support chaining, can be changed on-the-fly, and only data is require for display. Mobile-scale output is supported through CSS media queries.