Getting started working with data, with applications to economics
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Data Science Tutorial

To download Python and run these notebooks on your own computer, head on over to the anaconda download page.

There are three sessions for the tutorial:

  1. Intro to Python (Python Indoctrination) - Session_1.ipynb: How to run and use Python. Covers language basics, numerical operations with numpy, visualization with matplotlib, parsing HTML with BeautifulSoup, and more.
  2. Working with Data (How to replace Stata) - Session_2.ipynb: Data collection and manipulation. Basic statistics and econometrics with pandas and statsmodels libraries. Machine learning with tensorflow.
  3. Solving Models (How to replace MATLAB) - Session_3.ipynb: Optimization and equation solving with scipy. Symbolic operations and approximation. Interfacing with lower level languages and Cython. Practical estimation.