Personal modification of the lanyon theme for Nikola. Demo at
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This is my personal port of the Lanyon theme for Nikola and the demo for the same can be seen at my personal website

Readme (as written by the Nikola developers)

This theme is a port of the Lanyon theme by mdo Everything that's good in it is mvo's fault, everything bad is mine.

It supports one variable set in the config:

        "lanyon_subtheme": "theme-base-08"

That changes the color scheme, replace 08 with one of 09, 0a, 0b, 0c, 0d, 0e, 0f.

You can read a tutorial about how this theme was created at Nikola's site

License is MIT

Known Issues:

  • Not all features of Nikola are tested.
  • Galleries will work better when Issue #1764 is fixed.
  • Submenus in navigation links are not supported
  • CDNs are not used regardless of USE_CDN