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The writeCapture.js jQuery plugin provides an easy way to utilize writeCapture.js the jQuery way. e.g.,

$('#foo').writeCapture().load('someUrl.php',function() {
	alert("loaded safely!");
}).html('Safe! - Loading').endCapture().html('Unsafe!');

All HTML manipulations are proxied by the plugin and filtered through writeCapture before injection, so all calls chained off of the call to writeCapture() will be "safe". i.e., scripts containing document.write calls will be captured and the content injected in the appropriate place.

The method endCapture() only needs to be called if you intend to chain further HTML manipulation methods and do not want the HTML to be sanitized by writeCapture.

load is not the only function that has a callback. Due to the fact that scripts on another domain must be loaded asynchronously, all HTML manipulation method calls chained off of writeCapture() take a callback parameter:

$('#foo').writeCapture().html(someHtmlWithXDomainScripts,function() {
	this.addClass('loaded'); // this is jQuery i.e., $('#foo')

Note that if any script in the HTML (or resulting HTML) is on another domain, doSomethingElse() will execute before the callback, otherwise the callback will execute immediately, followed by the remainder of the chain. If you are not sure whether or not the HTML contains cross domain scripts, you should assume that it does and chain dependent actions in the callback.

If you only need to call a single method, you can pass the method name and arguments to writeCapture() and not bother with chaining:


Here doSomethingNormal() is meant to indicate that any chained methods will not be proxied and/or sanitized as they would when chaining off of a no-argument call to writeCapture().


See Hacks in the core documentation.

Low Level Support

When using the plugin, the global writeCapture object will not be present. If you need to invoke sanitize, tweak an option, or or something else, you can access the core off the jQuery object. e.g.,

var safeHtml = $.writeCapture.sanitize(unsafeHtml);

If you come across a use case where the plugin is failing, this may help you out, but also please consider filling an issue.