REST API for storing key-values pairs in the cloud when creating POCs and working with IoT devices
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Few months ago at a Node.js Meetup in NYC, I learned about this neat piece of hardware — Tessel — that can run Node.js modules and code. It sounded pretty cool and because I love to hack, tinker and explore different technologies, my mind immediately started to wander - "What can I do with it?" and, more importantly, "How can I use Aerospike to store and retrieve data?"

The "What" (application) was definitely interesting but obviously "How" had to come first in order to store and retrieve data being emitted by Tessel over HTTP. So, I decided to create a set of REST API on top of Aerospike. Then, I wrote a Node.js application that runs on Tessel and uploads data (Light and Sound levels, Temperature, and Humidity) using HTTP POST via REST API. Following this application that runs on Tessel, I created a single-page application that retrieves the data using HTTP GET via REST API and visualizes it. So, just like how a lot of the things get developed, was born out of necessity.

The obvious next step was to package up the REST APIs and open it for other developers and hackers to use. While is not a full-blown "product" by any means and it is not intended for production, it sure is dead simple to use in your hacks and POCs. It is FREE to use. Although, I have implemented basic rate limiting so the number of API calls are limited to 5 million. If you want me to increase the limit for your project, reach out to me @iamontheinet

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me — @iamontheinet. I would also love to hear from you if this "service" comes in handy in any shape or form for your projects.