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Deploying you own Gnome Network

Using Docker!
The purpose of this article is not to babysit the user through the setup, some things are assumed to be installed (npm) or within the user's immediate understanding (git, Docker).


Step 1: Get the code

git clone

Step 2: Get the server

docker pull impossible/gnome-api

Step 3: Prepare configuration

Follow the configuration specification (configs.yml in the repository's root) to create a JSON file named

Step 4: Prepare templates

Email templates should be overridden as they contain references to Impossible People.
Create a directory with the following structure:

├── inviteEmail.html
├── recoveryEmail.html
└── welcomeEmail.html

Each template's text will be formatted according to javascript's template literals. See EmailService.js and EmailWorker.js to see which variables you can include in your templates.

Step 5: Deploy using docker

At this point, you are expected to have a JSON config file and a templates directory. Run the docker image you compiled using those with:

docker run -d -e "GNOME_ENV=prod" -v $(pwd)/ -v templates:/usr/src/api/templates:ro impossible/gnome-api:latest 

And your Gnome server should be running smoothly.

Building an app for your own Gnome Network

Using Ionic!
After setting up your server, you'll want an app to go along with it.
The app code resides under the app directory.

Step 1: Create configs

Create an environment configuration file app/src/Environment.ts based on the configuration specifications (configs.yml in the repository's root).

Step 2: Rebrand

Replace the logo and splash screen in the resources dir with your own artwork.

Step 3: Replace the legal pages (Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions)

Replace the privacy-policy.html and terms-conditions.html pages with your own legal wordings.

Step 4: Build the app

ionic resources

ionic state reset

GNOME_ENV=prod ionic build --release android

# or

GNOME_ENV=prod ionic build ios
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