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Robo PhotographVR

You're a robot let loose with a camera in a lovely Autumn park. What will you choose to capture in film?

Take pictures of yourself or your surroundings with a handheld camera! Or, enter photo mode to fly around the scene, taking photos from a third-person perspective. Once you're happy with your pictures, you can use the Save Machine to export your pics to a PNG file!

This was my submission to "Ludum Dare 49", a 3 day game jam. The goal for this project was to experiment with a full-body playable character (via FinalIK + HurricaneVR + Hexabody), and photo mode options (both in the context of VR).

You can download the game for free here, on, or you can check out my other projects at You can also read the postmortem for this project, if you're interested!

You're free to do whatever with this code, but if you do use it, it'd be real cool of you to link back to this page or the page (or both). Thanks!


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install the following assets from the Unity Asset Store:

Project Settings

  • Unity 2019.4.24f1
  • Universal Render Pipeline (7.5.3)
  • OpenVR Desktop (2.0.5)
  • SteamVR (2.7.3, sdk 1.14.15)
  • TextMesh Pro (2.1.4)
  • Visual Effect Graph (7.5.3)
  • Hurricane VR (2.3)
  • Odin Inspector (3.0.9)
  • Hexabody VR Player Controller (1.25)

Third Party Assets

Type Asset Author License
Font Press Start 2P Font codeman38 SIL Open Font License (OFL)
Shader Skybox Gradient Shader Alex Strook
BGM The Forest of the Yellow Witch Request CC0 1.0 Universal
Textures UI Pack: RPG Expansion Kenney CC0 1.0 Universal
Textures Game Icons Kenney CC0 1.0 Universal
Textures UI Pack: Space Expansion Kenney CC0 1.0 Universal

Unity Assets

Type Asset Asset URL Author
VR Base Framework SteamVR Plugin Valve
VR Interactions Hurricane VR Cloudwalkin Games
VR Player Controller Hexabody Cloudwalkin Games
Inspector Odin Inspector and Serializer Sirenix