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DUH Framework - Communicate Better, duh.

Version 1.0.0

I commit myself to using a simple, action-oriented, framework to better communicate with my team.

During the process of doing work, what I am doing will change, and I will repeat the cycle.

Declare My Intent

Variability in schedules is challenging for me and my team to understand the current state of work.

Action: Every time I take on work, I will declare my intent to work on it for my team to see.

Update Regularly

Forgetting to communicate openly and frequently when working on a project I am passionate about can be dangerous. It is also difficult to remember to ask for help.

Action: I will update my team on my progress at least one per day, preferably more frequently.

Have A Goal

It is easy to get sidetracked if the goal is unclear. It is also hard to get support from the rest of the team if they don't understand my goal. I have master plans in my head that only the people I have spoken with may (or may not) know about. I am also not allowing input and feedback to improve my ideas.

Action: Update the roadmap of the project with my desired end-state before starting the work. As part of Declare My Intent, I will re-state the goal to my team to remind myself why I am doing the work and where I want to end up.


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