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Contributing to React Native Design System

Hey there! 🙋‍♂️ Thanks for contributing to React Native Design System

Ways to contribute

  • Reporting a bug
  • Adding Storybook docs
  • Adding components
  • Suggesting UI enhancement

How to contribute

React Native Design System follows Component Driver Development (CDD). StoryBook helps us develop components in isolation from your app, which also encourages better reusability and testability for your components. Here is quick development setup guide:


Fork/Clone the repo and install dependencies

yarn install


Run storybook server and start building

yarn run storybook


Finally build the bundle with documentation changes

yarn run build:storybook

Points to consider

  • If you're adding a component then it goes into a new folder inside src/ of react-native-design-system.
  • You just create a .js component file and a stories.mdx story file and write a basic component and a story.
  • Now you can see the component on storybook and start building.
  • If you're updating something then you can just browse to the component folder and its storybook then make changes.

Send a PR

Create a pull request when you're done making changes. One PR should contain only one feature or bug fix. A story and a component can come along in a single PR.

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