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Bootadmin is an opensource admin panel to help developers, designers, ux, and the rest of the world quickly create their projects without having to worry about styling. Powered by BootStrap 4, it provides all of the platforms features in addition to the style and functions you see on BootAdmin.

BootAdmin contains fully customizable interface with a great variety of layout options and resources. It is coded using Jekyll and using partials to help those who would like to integrate it to other platforms and languages. It is very easy to take BootAdmin and customize it to php, React, Angular, Emberjs and more frameworks/coding.


There are no official documentation for BootAdmin. Everything is "comes as is." You will need to play around with BootAdmin or view commit notes to see what changed and what features are available.

Bootstrap 5

I have been getting lots of questions about Bootstrap 5 integration. Since Bootstrap 5 is still in early stages of development, I am not sure if this will be updated. Perhaps maybe one day, but no plans as of yet.

Remove Buy Me a Coffee Button

To remove the buy me a coffee button, navigate to /includes/_header.html and before the </head> tag you will find the code.

Get Support or Request Updates

The best way to get help or updates is to open an issue here. I have a full time job, therefore, it may take some time for me to respond. But there are amazing folks around here that may be able to help you.


An opensource bootstrap admin panel.




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