Yeoman generator to get and keep `.travis.yml` up-to-date effortlessly
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Yeoman generator to get and keep .travis.yml up-to-date effortlessly.
Works great with other generators too.

Travis CI uses .travis.yml file in the root of repository to learn about project and how developer wants their builds to be executed. Learn how to get started building NodeJS projects and how to customize your builds.

The configuration template includes the following NodeJS versions:

  • v11 (From 2018-10-23 until 2019-06-30)
  • v10 (until 2021-04-01)
  • v9 (Until 2018-06-30)
  • v8 (Until 2019-12-31)
  • v6 (Until 2019-04-18)


npm install --global yo generator-travis


yo travis

NodeJS versions in the config

Every LTS-supported version is included plus current one if its not LTS-supported. The list of the versions is loaded from at run-time.

  • NodeJS v11 will be added on 2018-10-23 and removed on 2019-06-30.
  • NodeJS v10 will be removed on 2021-04-01.
  • NodeJS v9 will be removed on 2018-06-30.
  • NodeJS v8 will be removed on 2019-12-31.
  • NodeJS v6 will be removed on 2019-04-18.

All other versions, except for those added through options.config, are removed from the config.

NodeJS LTS Timeline

Read more about NodeJS long-term support/LTS.


Composability is a way to combine smaller parts to make one large thing. Sort of like Voltron®
Yeoman docs

Just plug in travis into your generator and let it handle your .travis.yml for you. Everybody wins.


npm install --save generator-travis


this.composeWith('travis', {}, {
  local: require.resolve('generator-travis')

Add any extra fields you need to options.config to extend the default configuration.

this.composeWith('travis', { options: { config: {
  after_script: ['npm run coveralls'],
  node_js: ['v0.12']
}}}, {
  local: require.resolve('generator-travis')


MIT © Vladimir Starkov