☯ zen node module scaffolder
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☯ zen node module scaffolder

News: Now supports mocha, tape or ava as test frameworks to choose from.


npm install --global yo generator-zen


yo zen

I designed zen to ask only essential questions, so questions about you and and your preferences are remembered by zen on initial run. Afterwards zen asks questions about each module in particular.

Also you can can --skip/-s all questions or force zen to ask --all/-a questions.

Speed up dependencies installing with --perfomant/-p option, it uses pnpm, so ensure you have pnpm installed globally ($ npm i -g pnpm).

$ yo zen -h
  yo zen [<name>] [options]

  -h,   --help          # Print the generator's options and usage
        --skip-cache    # Do not remember prompt answers                                                                     Default: false
        --skip-install  # Do not automatically install dependencies                                                          Default: false
  -a,   --all           # Ask all questions                                                                                  Default: false
  -s,   --skip          # Ask minimum questions, like `$ npm init --yes/--force`                                             Default: false
  -y,   --yes           # Same as `--skip`                                                                                   Default: false
  -f,   --force         # Same as `--skip`                                                                                   Default: false
  -p,   --perfomant     # Perfomant install, so ensure you have pnpm installed globally (`$ npm i -g pnpm`)                  Default: false
  -d,   --debug         # Debug mode                                                                                         Default: false
  -c,   --commit        # Commit message

  name  # Node module’s name: "$ yo zen pify";
        node module will be initialized in created folder
        and you will be redirected to that folder
      Type: String  Required: false

Next steps:

  1. Push it to your github repo
  2. Enable your project on travis: https://travis-ci.org/profile/
  3. Enable your project on coveralls: https://coveralls.io/repos/new
  4. Enable your project on appveyor: https://ci.appveyor.com/projects/new
  5. Write some tests in tests.js
  6. Run tdd mode: npm run tdd
  7. Write your module to pass the tests
  8. When all tests are green bump major version and publish it: npm version major npm publish Your package will be tagged, commited, transpiled, published, cleaned up and pushed all the changes to github automagically , take a look at scripts section.

You are awesome! 💫


MIT © Vladimir Starkov