typography set for fixing common issues
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typography set for fixing common issues

This packages handles for you:

  • quotes, apostrophes, ellipses, and spaces as well as dashes
  • plus arrows, copyright, trademark, math and currency symbols

Can be used as textr plugin too.


npm install --save typographic-base


import typographicBase from 'typographic-base';

typographicBase(`Hello -> "world"`, { locale: 'en-us' }); // Hello → “world”


typographicBase(input, options)


Type: String

Your text.


Type: Object
Default: {}

Mainly because of options.locale importance. You know better which locale you text belongs to.


Package Description Example
typographic-apostrophes Apostrophes in contractions and for possessive case. rock'n'roll → rock’n’roll
typographic-quotes Quotes for your text with respect to locale. "quotes" → “quotes”
typographic-apostrophes-for-possessive-plurals Apostrophes for possessive plurals. sisters' → sisters’
typographic-arrows Use real arrows. a <- b → a ← b
typographic-copyright Use real copyright symbol. (C) → ©
typographic-currency Use the correct symbol of currency. 1usd → 1$
typographic-ellipses Avoid using periods and spaces. ... → 
typographic-em-dashes Replaces -- to em dash. -- → 
typographic-en-dashes Safely replacing hyphens in a range of values with en dashes only. (1967-1994) → (1967–1994)
typographic-math-symbols Replaces alphabetic math symbols to real symbols. 3 =< 2 → 3 ≤ 2
typographic-registered-trademark Replaces alphabetic registered trademark to real symbol. (R) → ®
typographic-single-spaces Replace many spaces to one space. one    two → one two
typographic-trademark Replaces alphabetic trademark to real symbol. (TM) → 


MIT © Vladimir Starkov