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@nordnet @FrontenderMagazine @jsmates @getbem @pnpm
Andrey Sitnik ai

Author of Autoprefixer, PostCSS and Logux

@evilmartians Saint Petersburg, Russia

Vyacheslav Slinko vslinko

Frontend Team Lead


Daniel Tschinder danez

Currently working at @researchgate on the developer experience and front-end infrastructure team.

@researchgate Berlin, Germany

Sergey Sova LestaD @electron-react

@atomixinteractions Saint-Petersburg

William Hilton wmhilton

Independent Developer Fairfield, OH

Timothy CodeTheory

Building Kap ( and contributing to open-source. 🎉

Norwich, UK

Tim Neutkens timneutkens

20 years old dutch guy. Actively developing packages for all things Javascript 🚀 :shipit:

@weprovide Knegsel, The Netherlands

Juan David Henao Zapata jhenaoz

@mkitdigital @mulesoft @psl Medellin, Colombia

Martin Ek ekmartin

@doppins Cambridge, MA

Kyle Simpson getify

I teach JavaScript and I'd love to come help your team's developers. If that's interesting to you, please reach out to me

Getify Solutions Austin, TX

Stephen Whitmore noffle

Have a question? Ask me at!

San Jose

Zoltan Kochan zkochan

Engineer at @justanswer

JustAnswer Ukraine

ashley williams ashleygwilliams

a mess like this is easily five to ten years ahead of its time. human, @npm. @nodejs board of directors. founder, @NodeTogether. sometimes i write @rust-lang.

@npm NYC

Marcus Bernales mboperator

Procore Technologies Santa Barbara

Andrew Clark acdlite

Front-end engineer at Facebook. Co-creator of Redux. Creator of Recompose. Hi!

Facebook Redwood City, CA

Maxime Thirouin MoOx

Freelance front-end (UI/UX) developer. Open Source addict & compulsive coder. Handyman and gardener. Toulouse, France

Andy m-2k

Erlang One Russia

Feross Aboukhadijeh feross

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mad Scientist

Non-profit WebTorrent Mountain View, CA

Viktor Hedefalk hedefalk

Full stack web developer. Weapons of choice: Scala, Typescript, Coffescript, vue.js.

Wooden Stake Solutions Stockholm, Sweden

Andrew Abramov blond

🐷 makes an Oink-Oink-Oink 🐖 🐑 makes a BAA-BAA-BAAA 🐏 🐮 makes a Moo-Mooo-Moo 🐄 🐕 makes a Woof-Woof-Woof 🐩 :shipit: Your code does nothing! 💩

@yandex Russia

Miëtek Bak mietek

Functional programmer. Interested in applying formal methods to real-world problems.

Least Fixed Cambridge, UK

Sibelius Seraphini sibelius

Full Stack Developer #reactnative #redux #relay #graphql #webpack #koa #react

@brandlovers São Paulo

Mattias Petter Johansson mpj

Mattias Petter Johansson Stockholm, Sweden

Nimit Kalra qw3rtman

Likes computers, philosophy, and sushi. Also ❤️’s open-source.

Dallas, Texas