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A Pelican plugin for creating category-specific article and listing templates
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Category Template

This plugin makes it possible to build templates for listings and single articles, that are category-specific.


  1. Create a directory inside your project called 'plugins/category_template'
  2. Download the repo into that directory, or check it out as a submodule
  3. Add 'category_template' to your PLUGINS setting

Defining templates

Now in your theme's templates directory, you can create a subdirectory for each category you want to make specific templates for. Use the category's slug as the directory name.

Inside that directory, create an 'index.html' file which will act as the category-specific verison of your post listing template, and should extend 'category.html'.

If you want a specific template for a single post within that category, create a file inside that subdirectory called 'article.html'. This, predictably enough should extend 'article.html'.

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