Parallax LCD library for use with Arduino 1.0 and higher
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Parallax LCD

The Parallax LCD library allows for writing to Parallax three wire LCDs. It is known to work with Parallax LCD's (27976, 27977, 27979).

For more information about Parallax LCDs, see


The library offers the following functions:

  • setup
  • on
  • off
  • scrollLeft
  • scrollRight
  • empty
  • cursorUnderline
  • cursorBlock
  • cursorOff
  • cursorOnChrBlink
  • cr
  • lf
  • backLightOn
  • backLightOff
  • playTone
  • setCustomCharacter
  • printCustomCharacter
  • pos
  • at


Using the library is simple. See the included example for more.

#include <ParallaxLCD.h>

ParallaxLCD lcd(2,2,16); // desired pin, rows, cols

void setup () {
  delay(1000); // Wait for the LCD to start up,3,"Hello World!");


Installation is performed via the Arduino Library Manager (Sketch -> Include Library)


  • In the library manager, select "Manage Libraries..."
  • In the search box, enter "Parallax LCD"
  • Select the library in the results, pick the desired version and click "Install"

Manual Installation

  • Download the latest zip from the Releases tab. (Alternatively - clone this repository or select the "Zip" button above to download the code.)
  • In the library manager, select "Add .ZIP Library"
  • Select the downloaded zip file

After Installation

  • Once installed, you may need to restart the Arduino IDE
  • Go to File->Examples. There should now be an entry for Parallax LCD in the list. Select it to see the example.
  • Using the example as a guide, write your own code!


This library is provided under the MIT license. You can obtain a copy of this license at