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Web Application Security Assessment Checklist

Description: This checklist will help security analyst/consultants to test their client's web application for security assessment. I am continuously trying my best to keep this checklist up-to-date. Your ideas/suggestions & test cases are warmly welcomed for this. Kindly share those on

(1) Web Application Fingerprint
  • Analyze default banner using netcat HEAD http method.
  • Analyze robots.txt
  • Analyze administrator panel using CMD identification
  • Analyze administrator panel using fuzzing technique
  • Analyze TRACE/TRACK method
  • Fingerprint server using Wapplyzer firefox addon
  • Check if DEBUG method is allowed for IIS/ web application
(2) Analyze Application Entry Points
  • Login panel
  • Search box
  • Comment section
  • Feedback form
  • Contact us form
  • All GET & POST requests
  • Cookies
  • Hidden parameters
  • File upload
  • Import things(csv, excel, contacts etc.)
(3) Session Management
  • Sensitive information disclosure/passing through cookie
  • Cookie without 'HttpOnly' flag
  • Implement absolute session timeout
  • Cookie without 'Secure' flag set
  • Check for Path attribute value for all domains & subdomains
  • Apache HttpOnly cookie disclosure
  • Ensure that session identifiers are sufficiently random
  • Session expiration
  • Check if session ID is required for all critical operation
  • Check for session cookie value pre and post login
  • Session overriding/hijacking
  • Invalidate the session after logout
(4) Registration Process Testing
  • Check for userid enumeration
  • Perform mass registration/CAPTCHA implementation/weaknesses
  • Insufficient email verification process
  • Overwrite existing user using duplicate registration
  • Weak Password Policy
  • Stored XSS
  • Check for sensitive information passing through secure layer or not
(5) Authenticaton Process Testing
  • Username enumeration
  • Bypass Authentication using SQL Injection
  • Credentials transmission over SSL or not?
  • Use TLS everywhere also disable HTTP for all TLS based tranmission
  • Use 2FA/MFA for critical financial functionalities
  • Account lockout
  • Check for 0Auth functionality
  • User credentials are stored in browser memory in clear text
  • Back Refresh Attack (Refer OWASP)
(6) Check for error codes
  • Test 404, 301 etc pages by /test.php, /test.aspx etc..
  • Use Input data - *&^%$#@!
  • Send wrong cookie value to generate error
  • Change value to hidden parameter to generate error
  • Add "[]" in all parameters
  • Change get req to post and post to get to generate error
(7) Post login 'My Profile/Account' Testing
  • Check for CSRF
  • Check for CSRF token bypass
  • Impersonate other user's account
  • Check account deletion functionality
  • Log all authentication logs/activities/privileged activities
  • Store user passwords using a strong, iterative, salted hash
  • Disable weak TLS ciphers on SSL/TLS certificate
  • Implement cache control mechanism and do not allow client browser to store sensitive data in cache
(8) Forgot Password Feature Testing
  • Username enumeration
  • Reset token key expiration time
  • Check if password getting changed over SSL or not
  • Weak password policy testing
  • Predict reset token
  • Check bruteforcing for security answer
  • All Active user sessions should be destroyed when user change his password
(9) 'Search Box' Testing
  • Smash your scanner here :)
(10) Product Purchase Testing
  • Change value of gift voucher to receive more gifts vouchers instead of 1
  • Change product id to purchase higher valued price at lower cost
  • Add procut to other user's cart
  • Delete product from other user's cart
  • Tamper the cartid parameter for deleting other users product
  • Place order behalf of other user
  • Give negative values in price to add money in your account + buying product
  • Check payment card gateway testing
(11) Flight/Hotel/Railway Ticket Booking Testing
  • Check other user's e-ticket
  • Get refund behalf of other user
  • Get more refund by changing refund amount
  • Book business/high class ticket by chaning parameter value of economy class variable
  • Book delux room by chaning parameter value of normal room fare
  • Book multiple seats/rooms by changing quantity parameter value for 1 seat/room book
  • Multuple test cases based on application functionality
(12) Input Data Validation
  • Check for Reflected XSS using scanner, manual process using burp repeater
  • Bypass XSS filter using OWASP XSS filter evasion cheatsheet
  • Try Blind/Boolean/Error based SQL injection
  • Find red, redirect, origin type of parameters and change their value to Check for application behaviour via response
  • Local file inclusion ../../../etc/passwd or ..//..//..//..//etc/passwd use KALI's perl script for the same
  • Check for host header attack
  • Check for LDAP injection
  • Check for XML injection
(13) Miscellaneous Test Cases
  • Internal files leaked
  • Internal IP disclosed
  • Clickjacking vulnerability
  • ASP.Net viewstate encrypted or not.
  • Apache Multiview Attack
  • Application does not display Last login time and date
  • Weak Etag disclosed
  • Server side validation is not in place
  • Sensitive Information gets stored in History
  • Oracle Padding attack ASPX
  • Find metadata within object see if potential information is disclosed or not
  • Harden the infrastructure on server side
  • Perform secure code review as pre-production engagement
(14) CAPTCHA Testing
  • Identify parameters which are used to send CAPTCHA
  • Captcha Replay attack
  • Remove captcha parameter and send request to server
  • Check whether the logic f or generating CAPTCHAs is there in a .js file itself?
  • Captcha should not disclose absolute path
  • Remove captcha element with firebug and send it
  • Check with free-ocr tool
  • Insert captcha check resposne if captcha value is false chaneg to true and forward resposne
(15) Testing Using Automated Scanners
  • Burp scan
  • Netsparker
  • Acunetix
  • IBM AppScan
(16) References